Plans Are Free To Download

Just Remember, You Get What You Pay For

Normally when building a project I really don’t have a set of plans that I go off of. I’ll have a picture, either real or in my head, what I want it to mostly look like, a few sketches and notes and off I go.

Bunk BedFor example, this along with a picture my daughter sent me are the “plans” I am using to build her some bunk beds. On the back of this there is a material list, some dimension notes, and a few reminders of things I need to watch out for when assembling it. Obviously this just won’t be good enough if I’m trying to pass some knowledge or skills along. So I’m starting to learn sketch up and eventually everything will be in that format. Until then the “plans” may be hand drawn and scanned in, a lot more detailed though, I promise.

Material List

I will strive for accuracy on this, but I can just about guarantee some errors. Currently when I make my shopping list for a project I exclude what I have on hand either in the scrap or material piles. I’ll get better with your help, if you are following a set of my plans and find you are short some materials, either send me a note or put it in the comments on the plans page. I’ll leave the comment there until I can get the materials updated.


On the right of this page there is a donate button, its automatically set to $1 because that is more than enough, the plan pages will be the only place where one will be found, . My reasoning behind this is because as I’ve said above, project plans are outside of what I normally do. I’m making the projects anyway, I might as well make a video and hopefully share some knowledge or maybe inspire someone. Plans are extra effort, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the extra effort, if I did I wouldn’t have a plans link on my web site. If you feel like it, click it and send me a dollar. Better would be to pass the plans along and let people know where you got them.