Building a Potato Planter Box


Potato Planter Box


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Step by Step Instructions



Cut the slats to 23 7/8″ so 3 slats can be cut per board. Although the boards are exactly 6′ the kerf of the blade will make the last board smaller if you don’t reduce the size from the 24″ desired.




Cut the pressure treated 2x4x8 into 25 1/2″ lengths. This will leave approximately 3″ at the bottom to set the finished box into the ground. These can be longer if desired as there is plenty of scrap wood left from a full board. I’ve never experienced the need though as the weight of the dirt keeps everything in place.


Rip the cut down 2x4x8 into 1 1/2″ pieces, or simply cut it down the middle if symmetry isn’t your thing.


Measure up 3″ from the bottom and make a mark for your lowest slats to be installed at - Tomato HP Logo




Install all your lower slats using 1 5/8″ deck screws or galvanized wood screws. This is a must as the pressure treated wood will eat up anything else and there is going to be a fair amount of force pushing against these boards once the box is filled with dirt and yummy potatos.


Attach landscape fabric to the bottom with staples and you are ready to plant. If desired angles can be cut into the 3″ legs to make it easier to set into the ground. I’ve never had an issue just stepping the whole thing into the ground though.

Once set in your garden fill it with dirt, ideally mixed with some potash, and plant your potatoes. If you plan to grow the smaller russets you can easily grow 4 to 5 plants, mid sized normal potatoes 3 is a safe bet. If you are going for dinner plate sized baking potatoes (this is what we shoot for) I’ve found 1 plant in the center of the box works best.

As your plants grow add more slats and more dirt leaving an inch or two of leaves above the dirt. Keep going until you put your top slat on then let them grow. Come harvest time unscrew the slats on one side and easily harvest your potatoes. Remove the rest of the slats and it stores for re-use next year.

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