Bush Bean/Pea Trellis

Building a Bush Beans/Peas Trellis


“Bean, Triomphe de Farcy Bush 1 Pkt. (2 oz.)”



Step By Step Instructions


Pieces to Length

Cut all your pieces to length. You will need two at 36″, two at 7 1/2″, two at 25 1/2″, and four at approximately 26″


Ripped to 1.5 inches square

Rip all these pieces into 1 1/2″ squares.



On your 36″ vertical pieces measure 12″ up from the bottom and 2″ down from the top. The horizontal pieces you will just need to find the center.


Cut Dado in leg

Cut your dado approximately half way deep into the vertical pieces and the horizontal pieces. That will give you a good depth for the half lap joints. As for the width of the joint mark the thickness off of the pieces you are going to install. They should all be an inch and a half square, so the dado should be 1 1/2″ wide and 3/4″ deep.



“Bean, Triomphe de Farcy Bush 1 Pkt. (2 oz.)”


Mark for angle cuts

Dry fit your vertical and horizontal pieces together and mark your angles on the pieces.


Cut 25 degree angle

To find your angle line up your marks with your zero clearance insert, mine came out to be just about 25 degrees. Set your miter and make your cuts.


Glue together

Glue your half lap joints together, you can add a screw or two here if you want, but there is plenty of surface area to get a well glued together joint. Clamp them together until dry.


glue and screw side on

Glue and screw your angled side pieces on, this is pressure treated wood so make sure they are galvanized.


Install eye bolts

Install the eye bolts at about every 2″, mine came out to nine per side.


Install hanger bolt in the top

Install a hanger bolt into the tops of both trellis’s making sure to leave about 2″ above the top of the post.


String Masons line

Install the top brace, equal to the length of your rows. I used a real short piece for demonstration. Drill a hole in the top for the hanger bolt and use the wing nuts to attach. String the mason’s line thru the eye bolts for the beans or peas to grab onto. You will use quite a bit of line, a six foot long row uses just under 100 feet of line. I plant my beans and peas into double rows that is why the trellis is shaped like a ‘V’ if you plant in single rows simply have both the top and bottom cross pieces an 7 1/2″.

At the end of the season just cut the mason’s line and throw the whole mess either in the burn pile or compost heap. Collapse the trellis and store it for next year.

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