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I’ve been doing things myself pretty much my whole life, either I couldn’t afford to pay someone else to do it, or I wasn’t about to pay someone “that much” to do it for me.

I’m your average normal guy, who used to have an average normal shop, then I wanted a bit more room. The one and a half car garage just wasn’t cutting it anymore, I either needed to move the shop out and build something new or move the stuff I shared the shop with out and build something to put it in. At the time I lived in vinyl village with a HOA, they weren’t too keen on either of the options, so I opted for a third.

I took the money I saved for the shop expansion and bought a just about to be condemned 1000 sqf house sitting on an acre and a half of land. Spent 3 years gutting and fixing what was there on nights, weekends, and vactions. Then sold the house in the vinyl village and put the proceeds into doubling the size of the original house with a 1000 sqf addition.






I’d say the wife and I have done 90% of the work ourselves. We hired out a few things because it just wasn’t feasible to do ourselves or because it would have taken us months to complete and it really needed to be done in weeks if not days. Some of the skills to do all this work I’ve acquired in the past, some are new skills I’ve aquired on the web and YouTube. I figure it’s time to pay some of that debt back, and thus this website and YouTube channel were born.

Hopefully you learn something, if not a completely new skill, maybe just a different take on an old one.

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3 thoughts on “About

  • Nikita kothiwale


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  • Thomas Roulaine

    I do not work for an advertising firm, but I would like to say I appreciate your putting this website up. I’ll be sure to stick around and wait for updates. I was linked here via one of your Youtube videos.

    I’m getting ready to take some of your advice and put up a new shed (your other projects are interesting as well). I’ll be sure to take photographs and perhaps video to send to you, and hopefully everything will work out as planned.

    I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

    Again, I emphasize that I would like to see more home improvement projects from you, but I’ll leave the details to you.

    Best Regards

  • cody

    i was wanting to know when your shed plans will be posted to your website i was wanting to build the same shed as you so i could go off someone that know what they are doing